FAQ Matter Bridges

Can I connect multiple bridges to Matter?

Yes, multiple bridges can be connected to Matter. For example, a Matter Bridge for Homematic IP and a Matter Bridge for Somfy RTS can be integrated simultaneously.

Can I connect all Homematic IP devices to the bridge?

No, only supported Homematic IP devices can be paired. Check the list of supported devices here.

Can I connect all Somfy RTS devices to the bridge?

You can check the list of supported devices here. Similar device types (e.g. roller shutter actuators) with different product names should also be compatible. Devices with Somfy io radio are not supported.

Can I connect both Homematic IP and Somfy RTS to one bridge?

No. You need one Matter Bridge to connect Homematic IP and another Matter Bridge to connect Somfy RTS.

Do I have access to all device functions in Matter?

Only functions that comply with Matter specifications are supported. Additionally, the features supported by the respective Matter application platforms (Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, etc.) depend on the current implementation of Matter specifications by the platform providers. Not all features specified in Matter specifications are always implemented by all platform providers.

Are there ongoing costs?


Can I add devices later?

Yes. Once the new devices are paired with the bridge via the Connect App, they will be automatically synchronized with the Matter platforms into which the bridge has been imported.

Can I run the Connect App in parallel with Matter?


Is a cloud required?


How can I control my devices using voice commands?

Voice control is done through the voice assistants of the respective Matter platforms, such as Siri for Apple Home, Google Assistant for Google Home, and Alexa for Amazon.

Which platforms/ecosystems is the bridge compatible with?

In general, Matter bridges should be compatible with all Matter application platforms (i.e., Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and others). However, this also depends on the implementation by the respective platform providers and the Matter Smart Home Hub used. It is absolutely necessary that the used Smart Home Hubs support Matter Bridges.

Can I set up direct links between Homematic IP devices?

Yes, the Connect App supports the creation of direct links (e.g., between thermostats and actuators).

Can I pair my Homematic IP devices with both CCU or Access Point and the bridge?

No. Homematic IP components can only be connected to one central unit at a time. That means they can be connected to either CCU or the Access Point or the Matter Bridge.

Can I operate platforms (Apple, Google, Amazon) in parallel/mix them?

Yes, the bridge can be registered with multiple Matter platforms simultaneously, and devices paired with the bridge can be controlled in parallel through different platforms.

Will there be additional bridges for other manufacturers?

We expect so.

Are all functions identical in all Matter ecosystems?

While desirable, in practice, there may be slight differences in the implementation of Matter specifications by different Matter application platforms (Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, etc.). Not all functions specified in Matter specifications are always implemented equally by all platform providers.

Can I use all Matter Smart Home Hubs to import the bridge and paired devices into the corresponding Matter ecosystems?

As this depends on the specific implementation of the respective versions of the Matter Smart Home Hubs by the providers, only a general note can be given here that, in principle, all Matter Smart Home Hubs should be compatible, if they support Matter Bridges.